About Us

The team behind Overnight Success. From left to right: Gemma (Head of Growth), Will (Creator & Founder), Bronte (Advisor).

Overnight Success is the newsletter that makes you smarter about Australian Start-ups & Venture Capital. Every week, the newsletter recaps all the activity in the ecosystem. In particular, we focus on every start-up that has raised capital, explaining what the business does and who they raised the money from.

On top of this, somewhat regularly, the newsletter releases special editions that deep dive into Aussie start-ups doing amazing things.

This website is our new publication, it's the new centralised point for Australian start-up news.

Our Mission

Make the Australian start-up ecosystem more accessible and transparent. To share the stories of wonderful people creating the future.

Our Story

Overnight Success was founded in mid-2022 by Will Richards as a humble newsletter. The subscriber base grew significantly and the team doubled with Gemma Glindemann coming on board. Additionally, the team is now supported by Bronte McHenry in an advisory capacity.