Milo was inspired by a family ski trip where staying in contact with family can be challenging. Often, phones are out of service, and walkie-talkies could be more user-friendly.

The team of engineers spent more than three years working on the tech behind Milo before the company took the idea to market in October 2020, raising $2.5 million with 5,700 people ordering 17,000 of the devices via a Kickstarter campaign.

Milo is built for adventure with its waterproof case and a range of over 600 meters. The device connects to up to 6 other Milos.

The investment was led by US VC De Novo Ventures, supported by the HCF health fund-backed local VC XT Ventures, which is focused solely on tech startups in the sport, fitness, health and wellness sectors. Loose Cannon's previous investors include Foxconn, which manufactures the iPhone.

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