TALi Digital Limited (ASX: TD1), a digital health company that delivers diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for better cognitive function via its digital platform, has raised $4.1M on market.

TALi's product improves attention in early childhood (ages 3-8) and is split into two main functions, TALi Detect & TALi Train. TALi Detect is a gamified cognitive attention assessment tool operating on iOS and Android tablets. Following this assessment, the patented technology, TALi Train offers young children training sessions to improve their attention.

As part of the deal, TALi has gained distribution with Genius Childcare to pilot the program in childcare centres across Australia.

The TALi platform is an alternative to medication and more drastic measures to improve attention in children. TALi's games focus on selective attention, sustained attention and cognitive flexibility; all elements that need to be nurtured in children as they prepare for school.

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