Vedi, a Perth-based veterinary-tech startup, has raised $3M from two international investors, MSD Animal Health, a subsidiary of Merck & Co and New York-based pet-focused venture capital firm Companion Fund.

The cash will expand the company's medical record technology for pets in Australia and the UK. Vedi's technology is a universal medical record platform accessible via smartphone, with intelligent data collection tools, allowing vets to access pet health records via the animal's microchip.

The technology is seen as revolutionary for the vet industry as practitioners can now easily share information and updates. Collecting better-quality data over the animal's lifetime will ensure better care.

The platform is currently being used by industry leaders such as Vetpath, Central Animal Records, Vetwest and Petstock, supporting 78,600 animal patients, including more than 54,000 dogs, 12,000 cats and nearly 3,000 horses.

Vedi currently sells into veterinarian clinics but includes a health app for pet owners that gives them visibility on their furballs' health.

Due Diligence: Startup Daily